Make and Play Jeopardy Games Online in Factile mode

Play Jeopardy Games Online in Factile Mode

Learn about Making and Playing Factile Online Jeopardy games in Factile Game Mode

Discover the limitless possibilities of Factile Mode! Dive into a world of fun and engaging learning experiences where creativity knows no bounds. Explore topics ranging from world geography to movie trivia, multiplication tables, languages, and beyond. With Factile Mode, unleash your creativity and elevate your classroom, parties, and events with interactive games from World Geography to Name that Song. The only limit is your imagination!

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Jeopardy games for individuals, schools, and businesses

With over 2 million public Jeopardy games that you can play for free or use as Jeopardy templates to modify for your needs, Factile makes topic reviews easy, fun, and engaging. It’s simple to make your own custom Jeopardy game too! Discover why Factile is the Ultimate online Jeopardy game maker with features like Buzzer Mode, the ability to add images, sound, or videos to questions, custom timers, and much more to get that authentic Jeopardy game show experience! Choose the free plan or optionally upgrade to our flexible and affordable plans for individuals, schools, and businesses.

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A Jeopardy game is being played in Factile Mode on a laptop as well as a mobile phone, showcasing that Factile is compatible with different devices.

Experience the excitement of the Jeopardy game show in the classroom!

If your kids love Jeopardy! then “Factile” mode is all you need. With Factile mode, your review sessions come alive!

Classic Jeopardy-style quizzes offer several advantages over other assessments, making them a popular choice for educators.

Jeopardy Game Show Atmosphere

Factile mode transforms lessons into exciting Jeopardy-style games, complete with categories, point values, and buzzer, reproducing the game show atmosphere. This interactive format engages and challenges students to achieve successful topic reviews.

Easy to Use

Factile mode is easy, fun, and engaging. Teachers can make their own games quickly and easily or start with a pre-made Jeopardy template. Play the Factile Jeopardy game by displaying it on your smart board, project it or students can join from their own devices making it super easy and fun.

A Demonstration of how Factile can create a Jeopardy game show-like atmosphere, featuring three players behind podiums and a host moderating the game.
Giraffe mascot wearing glasses and holding a teaching stick.

Make learning easy and interactive with Factile Jeopardy game mode!

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Cat mascot playing a Jeopardy game in buzzer mode.

Make Classroom Review Sessions Fun and Engaging with Factile Mode Jeopardy Games

Make your classroom review sessions come alive with Factile Mode Jeopardy Games! Engage your students in an interactive learning experience that transforms dull review sessions into exciting challenges. Add virtual Buzzers to transform your review sessions!

Whether in the classroom or online, Factile Mode adds a fun and competitive edge to your review sessions, making learning an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Encourage Strategic Thinking with FINAL FACTILE (Final Jeopardy)

Add Final Factile to your Factile Jeopardy Game to have students strategize on their wager based on their confidence in the subject matter and encourage them to assess their knowledge critically and make calculated decisions.

Transform review sessions with Factile’s unique online BUZZER

Take your Factile Jeopardy game to another level with Buzzer Mode! Bring a realistic, game-show atmosphere to your classroom or online learning sessions. Let players use their devices as buzzers to add an extra layer of excitement and competition.

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