Plans & Prices for Making and Playing Online Jeopardy Games

Free Account

No Charge Ever

  • Create custom games

  • Share games

  • Play the many public games

  • Multi-language support
    (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic)

  • …and much more


Pro Account

$5/month or $48/year

  • Buzzer Mode for Remote or in-classroom

  • Flashcards, Choice and Memory Games

  • Add Images, Videos and Equations

  • Print Answer Keys and Quizzes

  • Unlimited Games and 100 Teams

  • Double Jeopardy and Daily Double

  • Interactive Choice

  • Quiz-Bowl

  • …and much more

Home/School Plus

Pro Account

$7.50/month or $72/year

  • Home/School features

  • Add up to 3 Images in Question/Answer

  • Multi-Member Teams up to 3 Players Per Team

  • Question Bank Up to 3

  • …and much more


Pro Account

$9.50/month or $90/year

  • Home/School Plus Features

  • Private games

  • Customize with your Logo

  • Remote View Gameboard Screen Sharing

  • Question Bank Up to 10

  • Multimember Teams for Buzzer Mode

  • Verification of Training Completion

  • …and much more

* All amounts are in USD.