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Over 2 million teachers worldwide love using Factile to challenge and engage their students. But don't take out word for it--check out the rave reviews below!

I am always on the lookout for fun new games to create and play online with students. I was so excited to find this one last week. Factile is one of my new favorites and kids will love this one! And it is so much fun to create your jeopardy game. I love how the questions look as they pop up on the screen. Kids will think this is fun...and the funny characters make it even better. The possibilities are endless.

Shannon Miller
Teacher & Librarian

The popular quiz show, Jeopardy, is also a much-beloved way to review material in the classroom. It’s a game, so it’s fun, and it’s a fantastic way to include the whole class in a review.

I’ve tried to present Jeopardy review games in my classroom in several ways, from physical index cards posted on a whiteboard (value on one side and question on the other) to using PowerPoint and SMART Presentations. Yet, each of these online tools felt like I was re-inventing the wheel. No templates were easy to use and it was hard to keep points for student teams. Then, I stumbled upon an intuitive way to create and play Jeopardy in the classroom, making it my favorite Jeopardy tech tool to use in the classroom whenever we review.

Using Factile in the classroom helps students be Connected Learners because it allows them to use this resource as a study tool outside the classroom. The URL created for a game can be shared with students, allowing them to study the material at home/ replay the game alone or with a study group. Factile is also easy enough for students to create their own game of Jeopardy in any subject they so choose!

Teachers Exploring Technology
Fordham Graduate School of Education

Great online app for creating engaging Jeopardy games to help students review lessons and concepts. I have used it for all subject areas. The students love it and it gives me a fun, engaging way to quickly assess their understanding of each unit or topic while reviewing content.

Celine O’Hara
Special Education Teacher

Factile is an incredible resource and is extremely versatile; it is a beneficial platform for people of all ages and abilities. I love to use Factile with my rehab patients and they absolutely love it! It harbors a fun, interactive environment in which my patients can challenge themselves and each other to learn and work towards meeting their individual goals.

Marissa M.
Clinician, Speech-Language Pathology

We used Factile for everything from “small team standups” to “all-hands meetings” with the entire company. It helped me present information to our team in an engaging way the changed the meetings from the first time using it. If your team rolls their eyes at the idea of another meeting, Factile is a great fit for you. Not to mention their support team is second to none and can handle anything you throw at them!

Nick S.
Manager, Leading Logistics Firm

Factile is a wonderful teaching tool. I use it to reinforce topics during my lessons and get the students engaged. I recommend teachers and educators to use Factile to enhance their class participation.

T Khan

Strengths: It is an easy and streamlined tool to create a jeopardy type game. The website is to develop materials, and it would facilitate any teacher to create engaging review materials. The board offers opportunity for thirty questions.
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Learn how to use Factile to easily create online Jeopardy-style quiz games for your classroom (or for an event, etc.) for free. On its own Factile is an excellent activity for reviewing for tests and quizzes, formative assessment, and more, but if you add buzzers to the experience then it also becomes a very fun game.
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