Plans & Prices for Making and Playing Online Jeopardy Games

Flexible and affordable Factile Jeopardy Game Maker plans
for individuals, schools, and businesses

Factile offers four plans to choose from when creating your Factile Account: Free, Home/School Basic Pro, Home/School Plus Pro, and Business Pro. Each allows you to create and play engaging Jeopardy-style games either custom-made with your own questions and answers, or to play existing pre-made Jeopardy game templates. Whether you want to play Jeopardy for fun, create Jeopardy games for your classroom, or host large-scale Jeopardy-style tournaments, we’ve got the perfect plan for you.

Free Account

No Charge Ever

  • Create custom games

  • Share games

  • Play the many public games

  • Multi-language support
    (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic)

  • …and much more

Home/School Basic

Popular For Personal Use

$5/month or
$60 $48/year
20% Savings

  • Buzzer Mode for In-Classroom or Remote

  • Multiple Choice, Flashcards, Memory, and Quiz Bowl games

  • Advanced Editor to Create Games

  • Add Images, Videos and Equations

  • Print Answer Keys and Quizzes

  • Unlimited Games and 100 Teams

  • Double Jeopardy and Daily Double

  • Use AI to Make Games (addl price)

  • …and much more

  • Note: Does not include Question Banks

Home/School Plus

Popular For Schools

$7.50/month or
$90 $72/year
20% Savings

  • Home/School Basic features

  • Plus

  • Question Bank (up to 3)

  • Collaborate with Question Banks

  • Multi-Member Teams (3 per team)

  • In-App Chat for Multi-Member Teams

  • Add up to 3 Images in Question/Answer

  • Content Authors (up to 5)

  • Use AI to Make Games (addl price)

  • …and much more


Popular For Businesses

$9.50/month or
$114 $90/year
21% Savings

  • Home/School Plus Features

  • Plus

  • Private and secure games

  • Add your own logo to the board

  • Remote gameboard screen sharing

  • Question Bank (up to 10)

  • Multi-Member Teams (10 per team)

  • Verification of Training Completion

  • Embed game into a website

  • Manage Teams on 2nd display

  • …and much more

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Flexible Subscription

    Subscriptions are set to renew automatically each billing cycle. You can turn off auto-renew or cancel at anytime from your Account page or by emailing us at [email protected].

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Secure Payments

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All amounts are in USD

The free account provides for creating and playing your own Jeopardy games and accessing public games. The three Pro accounts offer additional features, such as Buzzer Mode, Multiple Choice, Flashcards, the ability to add images and videos to questions, printing answer keys, Question Banks, and much much more. Check out the matrix below for the details of what features are included with each plan type.